A love story that began at YMCA Bournemouth

14th February 2017

Valentines is a perfect opportunity to celebrate young people who have come together through working/volunteering with YMCA Bournemouth.

The Chatterboxes is our disability youth-led project giving disabled young people a voice in the community. One of our wonderful Chatterboxes, Joely, met her fiance through her volunteering with The Chatterboxes:

“My fiancé and I met at a festival of diversity event 7 years ago, when we both volunteered with YMCA Bournemouth at a stall there. Been madly in love ever since. I have a disability called aspergers, and he understands and goes out of his way to help me and make my disability easier. He proves how much he loves me everyday, and I, him…”


Joely won a World Community Achievement Award at the World Autism Festival in Vancouver, Canada where this photo was taken

“He is my perfect star shining light onto my path, and endlessly supporting me, guiding me and paving my road to success. A road which was once bleak with no future; darkened with traumatic memories, PTSD, depression inability to cope with disability and self hatred.”

Joely is now publishing a book called ‘AspergerWorld : My Fairy Jam Jar’ available to pre-order soon.

You can read more of Joely’s story & pre-order the book here


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