Chatterbox nominated for World Autism Achievement Award

15th August 2016


Joely Colmer is a volunteer at YMCA Bournemouth’s disability youth-led project; The Chatterboxes.

Joely has successfully been nominated for the prestigious World Autism Community Achievement Award at ANCA’s Naturally Autistic People Awards. Joely came 2nd place in the same category last year but has high hopes for this year. The award ceremony, where she finds out if she wins, will take place at the ANCA World Autism Festival in Canada, Vancouver on 30th September 2016.


How have The Chatterboxes helped Joely get to where she is today?

“The Chatterboxes have improved my life and enabled my Autism disability to blossom; by giving me opportunities to achieve my dreams and realise my disabilities’ gifts. Thanks to the Chatterboxes I have overcome the challenges with my Autism disability, chronic pain and PTSD and I am now a multi award winning Autism Activist.  I wouldn’t be in a position of happiness without the Chatterboxes; volunteering remains the best decision of my life.”


Help Joely’s dreams become a reality:

Joely said “Words can’t describe the emotional whirlwind as the understanding dawned that I had been nominated for this Award. The hyperventilation, the tears of utter joy that poured down my face. I finally realised that I am not worthless, like my bullies would like me to believe; but that I am making real change for the autistic community. The thought of attending the World Autism Festival, learning & being inspired by the world leading experts and inspiring people, is mind blowing.”

“Without your help, I simply won’t be able to go. I’m hoping you feel motivated to make a difference yourself, please donate, so I can fly to Vancouver, Canada with my carer for the World Autism Festival & International Autism People Awards; for an adventure that promises to change my life, and brighten the future of others.”

Click here to help support Joely and read more about her amazing story.


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