EVS Volunteers

Community Volunteering with YMCA Bournemouth

Take a look at what this year’s EVS students have been up to…

Project partners:

  • Turkey – Yasar University : www.yasar.edu.tr
  • Spain – Asociacion Building Bridges
  • Czech Republic – Czech YMCA : www.en.ymca.cz
  • Germany – CVJM-Gesamtverband : www.cvjm.de
  • Romania – YMCA Romania : www.ymca.ro
  • Italy – Porta Nuova Europa : www.portanuovaeuropa.it


Application stages:

  1. CV and cover letter  – a selection will be made for the short list of volunteers.
  2. Skype Interview – selected volunteers will have a Skype interview with the line manager from each department.

Please send your CV and motivation/cover letter (max. 1 page) to your sending organisation:

In the letter please talk about what motivates you to be part of our project and what you can bring to the project. Also, choose 3 roles that you would like to do from the options below and explain why you have chosen these roles. Rank them in order of preference (1- first choice etc). 

youth-projects     nurseychildren-centre


marketing      housing-chaplaincy



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