Housing EVS

YMCA Bournemouth’s Housing and Chaplaincy Role (1 volunteers opportunities available)

YMCA Bournemouth’s Housing Department provides short-term supported housing for men and women between the ages of 18 and 60, with a focus on moving-on to independence living. Within this department our chaplaincy service exists to offer spiritual support, pastoral care and moral guidance to the organizations staff, volunteers, clients and their families.

The main activities will include:

  • Assisting staff with communication on the main reception desk and administration tasks within the department.
  • Support staff to deliver activities for residents including social, sports and artistic events.
  • Help staff to oversee group sessions for residents such as “Overcomers Outreach” and “Snack and Chat”.
  • Assisting kitchen staff in preparation and delivery of food for residents (if certificated to do so).
  • Supporting housing staff to provide low-level housing support to residents.
  • Helping to provide spiritual support to staff, volunteers, clients and families alongside staff.
  • Delivering workshops with staff to help residents connect with God.
  • Providing support and advice to homeless people in the local area alongside YMCA Staff.
  • Support YMCA staff to advocate the Christian influence within the organisation.
  • Help to develop partnerships with local churches
  • Support staff to organise and deliver community outreach projects
  • Support the missional work of Sandyholme retreat centre
  • Attending and contributing to team meetings.
  • Attend relevant training as required.
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