Marketing EVS

The Marketing Department (2 volunteers opportunities available)

YMCA Bournemouth’s marketing department promote the work of the organisation through events and media publications as well as fundraising for work within the association.

The main activities will include:

  • Support in planning and delivering YMCA fundraising and promotional events.
  • Contributing to marketing/fundraising meetings
  • Help in producing promotional materials: magazines, posters, videos, etc
  • Updating social media outlets to promote the work of the organisation (Facebook, Twitter, Instragram).
  • Update and monitor our YMCA Website.
  • Help in creating press releases for local and national media about the work of YMCA Bournemouth.
  • Support in creating and editing photo and video materials at YMCA Bournemouth events and activities.
  • Assisting with administrative tasks within the office. This may include updating of data- bases, monitoring outcomes and research.
  • To work alongside other team members to recruit volunteers from Bournemouth University and other sources
  • To assist staff to plan marketing programmes for the following year.
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