Dorset Special Needs Playscheme

Offered during the main school holidays, the YMCA delivers fantastic, individually tailored special needs playscheme programmes for children and young people aged from 5 to 18 years.

Small groups of up to ten children a day provides us with the ability to create and deliver appropriate activities based around each young persons needs through careful planning and training.

All young people are supported on a 1:1 or 2:1 basis by our caring, highly skilled and experienced play workers that support the project and work closely with a variety of professionals to ensure we offer the highest standards of care and support.

The children and young people experience:

  • Physical activities – opportunities to try something new
  • Social interaction – access to social experience of play is key
  • Arts & crafts – sharing ideas and using imagination
  • Music & dance – talent shows, singing, co-operative play
  • Cultural play – breaking barriers and gaining new skills and ideas
  • Free play – experimenting and adapting through their own ideas
  • Picnics – communicating, new experiences, flexibility.
  • Challenges – promoting self esteem, self worth and value.
  • Entertainers – fun and refreshing, offering new activities and games.

During the main summer holidays, children also have the opportunity to visit YMCA Fairthorne Manor near Southampton, to try adventurous activities such as kayaking, aerial runway and a variety of activities adapted to suit the needs of those young people attending the day.


Some great comments from parents in 2014:

  • Picking up a very content and happy child.
  • Getting a break
  • Being able to leave K at a place where she is going to be looked after in a secure environment with people she knows and she can have a fantastic time. K always has a super fun time every time she attends the play days.  I appreciate the respite of the giving me and my family a much needed break during the holidays. Long may the schemes continue.  Thank you everyone involved.
  • To enable S to attend something on his own- it’s “his playski”

We believe that risk is an integral part of any child’s experience of play as long as the risk is appropriate to each child’s individual level.

For further information please contact shelly.rossiter@ymcabournemouth.org.uk

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