Townsend Childrens Project

Townsend Children’s Project is an exciting project especially for young people aged 8-13 years old. The project engages youth people in activities creating positive social relations in the community.

Various activities are offered in the open access session including cooking, arts & crafts, sports and video games. Each child gets a free drink and biscuits during the sessions.

The timetables are as follows:


5-6pm (Aged 5-8)

6:30-8:30pm (Aged 8-13)

Saturday (30p per person)

11am-1:00 pm (Aged 8-13)


For more information:

Please contact Christine Graydon on:

07423120330 or christinegraydon62@outlook.com

Or Townsend Youth Centre on 01202 729126

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