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Welcome to YMCA Bournemouth

We believe in helping people build a better future – help us combat youth homelessness and enable positive change for young people’s lives.

The YMCA’s vision is of an inclusive Christian Movement, transforming communities so that everyone truly belongs, contributes and thrives. Here at the YMCA there are a diverse range of programmes helping to serve the needs of the local community from housing, youth work and children’s work to health and fitness. We support children, young people and their families to become all that they can be.

Our impact is best shown by the people we help.



The YMCA helps some of the most vulnerable people facing homelessness and provides a safe place to stay with holistic support.

Our residents are from all different backgrounds – here is an interview with an Ex-Military Personnel who suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and had to leave the army finding himself homeless. Anyone could suddenly find themselves unable to work and YMCA are there to offer a safe place to stay with holistic support needed to return to independent living:

“YMCA offered an emergency place to stay.. through YMCA Bournemouth and SSAFA I received one-to-one mentoring and help.. I have now managed to find full time work through learning interview techniques and building a CV.”


The YMCA has many youth-led projects which help disabled young people have a voice in the community.


Your money will help vulnerable people in Bournemouth find shelter, support and enable them to fulfil their potential.


Our Safeguarding Commitment
YMCA Bournemouth takes safeguarding seriously.  We believe that no-one should suffer abuse, harm or exploitation of any kind.

The Charity Commission states that: “No charity is so large, nor is its mission so important that it can afford to put its own reputation ahead of the dignity and wellbeing of those it exists to protect”.

We all at YMCA Bournemouth wholeheartedly agree and this has been the core of our identity for 175 years. We work for and have a responsibility to promote the welfare of all children, young people and adults: to keep them safe and to operate in a way that protects them. We do this by creating safe environments within which they can truly belong, contribute and thrive. We maintain high standards that are regularly reviewed and confirmed annually. We diligently train our staff, trustees, volunteers and other representatives to enable them to work within the security of clear standards and consistent oversight.

With this said, the board of trustees have requested a training session for them in the form of the one delivered to staff to ensure they too are also trained.