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Welcome to YMCA Bournemouth

We believe in helping people build a better future

The YMCA’s vision is of an inclusive Christian Movement, transforming communities so that everyone truly belongs, contributes and thrives. Here at the YMCA there are a diverse range of programmes helping to serve the needs of the local community from housing, youth work and children’s work to health and fitness. We support children, young people and their families to become all that they can be.

Our impact is best shown by the people we help.



The YMCA helps some of the most vulnerable people facing homelessness and provides a safe place to stay.

Peter arrived at the YMCA in 2013; he was homeless, jobless, an alcoholic and had low self-confidence. He had tried to commit suicide 3 times;

“The YMCA supported me in every way possible. They have helped me put my life back together. If the YMCA hadn’t of been there for me, I don’t know where I would be now.”


The YMCA has many youth-led projects which help disabled young people have a voice in the community.

Joely has Aspergers Syndrome and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. But she does not ‘suffer’ from a disability, she views her disability as a gift. Joely is such an inspiring young lady who is passionate about improving the lives of young disabled people. We feel so lucky that she is part of shaping The Chatterbox Project and helping us to make change happen.

Below are just a few awards which she has won for her volunteering over the last year:

  • Prime Minister, David Cameron’s ‘Points of Light’ Award recognising her outstanding volunteering in the community.

Statement from David Cameron
“You have not just overcome huge personal challenges in your own life, you are helping other young people in a similar position. Through the Safe Places Scheme you are helping young disabled people to feel safer and more independent in public.”
“I believe it is my duty as prime Minister to hold up examples of great volunteering and service as an inspiration to others. Through your hard work and dedication you are making our communities stronger, and our country a better place.”

  • Vinspired ‘All round commitment to volunteering’ national award for South West England

Click here to read Joely’s full inspirational story and speech from BBC South Today


Your money will help vulnerable people in Bournemouth, just like Peter and Joely, find shelter, support and enable them to fulfil their potential.