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The Chatterboxes

The Chatterboxes is a youth action project run by disabled young people from Bournemouth, Dorset aged 11-25 years old, whose aim is to enable young disabled people to have their voice heard, feel safe and engaged in their community and raise awareness of disabilities with the aspiration of having a community which is equal to all.

Did you know? 1 in 5 people in the UK have a Special Educational Need or Disability

The project provides positive art based activities, which focus on disability awareness, anti discrimination and youth action whilst creating a supportive community hub where friendships are formed, confidence and life skills are developed and peer support models are key.

The Chatterbox project also run’s creative disability awareness events, make films, designs easy read information and delivers workshops for organisations and schools where Chatterbox members share their own personal experiences of living with a disability; offering advice and guidance on how to support other disabled young people and organisations to become more disability friendly.

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Or contact : poppy.sargeaunt@ymcabournemouth.org.uk or 07827848479

Young people within the project create quarterly easy read magazines; which showcase youth talents and passions including pages which focus on inspiring young people, disability awareness and issues which affect young disabled people. The magazine uses a diverse range of art forms to engage disabled young people, including drawings, photos, poetry, film and written word.

Please click on the images below to view the group’s most recent magazines:

                                                               Spring 2017                                                                 


   Autumn 2016front-page

Autumn 2015

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Summer 2016 

summer 2016 magazine_Page_1

Spring 2015

The Chatterboxes newsletter - Spring 2015

Spring 2016 spring online magazine 2016_Page_1

Winter 2014/15
The Chatterboxes newsletter - Winter 2014-15

Summer 2015autumn online magazine 2015_Page_01

Autumn 2014
The Chatterboxes newsletter - Autumn 2014


Safe Places Scheme

What is the Safe Places Scheme?

It has been identified that there is a need for more safe places within Bournemouth for young people with disabilities. Many young people with a disability currently do not access leisure activities and local shops within Bournemouth town centre due to their anxieties when in crowded situations, being bullied by peers or being involved in incidents such as having something stolen.

The Safe Places scheme’s initiative has already been hugely successfully in various counties across the country. The aim of the scheme is to work in partnership with local businesses to create safe zones, which young people can access.

The aim to create safe places, which young people with a disability can access if they become lost, have something stolen or feel intimidated in certain situations.

In 2015, The Chatterboxes, Bournemouth People-First and Poole forum won an accessible Britain award at the houses of commons for the Safe Places Scheme which was presented by Mark harper (minister for disabled people).

Safe Places Award

Please click here to watch the video about Safe Places Scheme on BBC South Today.

Locations of Safe Places Schemes:

Click here for an example of the scheme in practice

If you are a young person who wants to be involved in the scheme or are a local business who wants to be involved in the scheme please contact Poppy on poppy.sargeaunt@ymcabournemouth.org.uk or 07827848479

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