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Nina went from being a house wife to being in a domestic violence unit then referred to the YMCA where we helped her with counselling, securing medication so she was unable to self-harm and gaining the help she needed from CMHT (Community Mental Health Tam)

Nina now has the confidence and ability to handle her situation due to the counselling and help from YMCA.

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George went from being a qualified accountant to living on the streets after being subjected to an abusive marriage. He felt he had no way out until one day he bravely disclosed he was suffering abuse to his GP who quickly referred George to YMCA Bournemouth.

He was welcomed into the YMCA; given breakfast, hot dinners and toiletries as well as support with finance & welfare. By leaving the abusive relationship, George also stopped drinking but his support worker knew he was suicidal so organised appointments with Community Mental Health Team, internal YMCA support and support from a domestic violence project.

A year on, George has felt the depression lift, his confidence has grown and the YMCA team helped him into Council accommodation. With a renewed vision and hope for the future, George helps other people using his accountancy skills.

Glenn, 42

Having had a very abusive childhood, (mentally and physically, which included time spent in foster care), I turned to drink and certain drugs at a young age so I would not feel the pain and anger that was inflicted on me, or that was building up inside. Alcohol particularly has played a major part in my life, helping me block out all the hurt from my past.

Recently after many serious hospital admissions over the last few years and a couple of suicide attempts, I arrived at the YMCA scared and lost but was greeted with many warm, welcoming smiles, a fantastic hot meal, and a cosy, secure and clean room. This was just the start of a new positive chapter in my life

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Laura, 17

Following troubles with family, I was put into foster care with my ex-boyfriend’s Nan. I started to have troubles with my ex being violent towards me. Being just 16 at the time I was weak, insecure and suffered low confidence. When I finally found the strength, I sought help from social services so that I could move away from the situation. I was given accommodation in the YMCA and moved in within 3 hours of asking for help. I had a lot of support from the YMCA, especially my key worker. They offered me support, security and protection.

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John 49

When John came to the YMCA his epilepsy was badly managed and his seizures out of control. His peripheral vascular disease prevented him from walking any distance without pain. He had a heart condition which reduced his energy levels and an old brain in jury which affected his social interactions. In order to cope with this, John was abusing alcohol and had attempted suicide twice. In the two and a half years John was at the YMCA he regained his independence by getting in control of his healthcare and overcoming his alcohol misuse.

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Tony 44

I had failed at all most everything I set my hands to in life. My life was a mess and it never looked like getting any better. I completed my six months in the treatment centre and was faced with what to do next, back to London and drug addiction or try something different. I tried something different. I tried the YMCA where I was loved back to life and given a second chance to make something of my life.

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Tawfiq 42

Having lived a life of crime and addiction for twelve years and after becoming a father in that life, it was pretty obvious that I’d managed to make a mess of my life. By the grace of God I was given a chance to go into detox followed by a drug and alcohol treatment programme. After six months of doing this it was time to go back into the big wide world that I had just ran away from. This is where the YMCA came as another blessing from God for me. I came into the YMCA and it was my home for the following fourteen months. In that time I received continuous support from staff and residents. I was given a chance to reintegrate into life slowly.

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Karen 43

I left treatment after six months and came to the YMCA in May 2009 to start my new life. I love it here in the YMCA! I have support with day-to-day issues, and it is something that I need. I go to college and volunteer for the Prince’s Trust. I never feel lonely here and there is a diverse group of people that live here – a variety of ages and different walks of life. There is always someone to have a chat and a laugh with.

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